Newborns and Babies

Ohhh Babies!!  I've had 4 and I could easily have had more, I love their tiny little features, their smell, their soft, soft skin, their love for their Mum and Dad and their siblings love for them.  Having had 4 of my own, I have "never disturb a sleeping baby" tattooed on my brain and my style reflects this.  Lifestyle photography allows me to capture your little one at any time, from 1 day old, to 1 year.  No posing in flower pots, just beautiful, simple, precious moments.

Sessions take place in your home, where your baby is most comfortable and can last anywhere from 1 - 4 hours.  Generally it will only take a couple of hours, but all babies are different. They have off days and can be unsettled so it may take bit longer.  I will continue to shoot until I am happy that I have captured all the details and images we need.  If it takes 6 hours, that is fine.    I am up to date with all my vaccinations including whooping cough.

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